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Evergreen Financial Counseling was incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit in 2010 and has since counseled hundreds of thousands of individuals and families in financial crisis. Evergreen believes financial security begins with education, and strives to empower and uplift students through quality credit counseling, personal financial management courses, and credit rebuilding courses.

Simply Brighter: Rebuilding your Credit After Bankruptcy is an optional class designed to help Evergreen students improve their credit after bankruptcy. This course is not required by your attorney or the bankruptcy court. 

What Our Students Have to Say

I wish I had taken this course two and a half years ago when I started my own business. It's a privilege to know there is a program out there for us to help us. I am so very thankful for this counseling session from Evergreen Financial Counseling.
Kevin B.
From Dallas, Texas
I feel a lot better after taking this class. I felt like a failure at life because of my problems but after this I really do feel better.
Zasha S.
From Salem, Oregon
This is a fantastic class! I loved the start of the course where the shame of filing for bankruptcy is discussed and helps you feel like there's a brighter future ahead, without guilt. I am excited to use the tools taught in this course.
Frank J.
From Salt Lake City, Utah
So incredibly helpful. The notes I took for this class will last a lifetime and give me the ability to teach and prepare my children. Thank you so much!!
Sarah D.
From Boise, Idaho

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